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SMS Astral is an SMS distribution for your business.

With our service you can send SMS all over the world.
Real-time analytics

What We Do In Here

Valuable business insights
Instant Delivery
Unlike OTT apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber to name a few which need internet.
Powerful Algorithms
Low Cost And High ROI
Text messages are cheapest possible way of marketing specially if you are sending.
Data in real-time
SMS is a unique way of communicating with consumers where in you don't need to.
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1. Stable routes

2. Support 24/7

3. Convenient interface

4. API connection

5. Detailed statistics of your advertising campaigns

6. Sending SMS to + 200 countries

7. The sender with the correct name

Quick registration and you can start sending SMS

Thanks to a clear interface and support from our managers, you can quickly start sending your SMS.
Data-driven pipelines in minutes