About us

CEO Gabriel Weijland and his partner Vladyslav Hutsevych are the well-versed masterminds behind SMS Astral. Gabriel has worked since 2017 as an affiliate manager and lead generator in cooperation with other companies since the beginning of Astral web agency Ltd.

Vladyslav Hutsevych is an IT engineer and telecommunications expert. He worked as an account manager in SMS marketing agencies, where he helped businesses generate leads and achieve fast growth in a short amount of time. Both Gabriel and Vlad soon came to realize that the specific needs and requirements of medium-sized or smaller businesses were not being met on bigger marketing platforms.

In 2020, they finally teamed up and founded the Astral Web Agency Ltd. as well as SMS Astral under the premise to offer flexible, tailor-made SMS marketing solutions for any kind of business.

What is SMS Astral’s mission?

Gabriel and Vlad firmly believe that transactional SMS e-commerce can give small to medium-sized businesses a particular advantage over big commerce. They have seen many other platforms struggling to meet the needs of the local entrepreneur. At SMS Astral, we are convinced that growing your business from a small customer base should be affordable and technically feasible at the same time.

What makes SMS Astral outstanding?

Dedication: Our account managers are entirely dedicated to your individual requirements. They have received in-depth training for all use cases in the SMS market on a global scale. We will work out a customized strategy for you one on one, while strictly observing the laws and regulations in your country of origin.

We can assure SMS delivery with a safe verification system by the standards of the market. Within just days, your service will be up and running. Start communicating directly and personally with your customers wherever they are, in your neighborhood, your city, or on other continents.

Devotion: We understand that time and momentum are key to growth. While other companies provide a customer response time of between several hours to several days, SMS Astral is entirely devoted to responding 24/7 to your queries, be it via Whatsapp, Skype, or email.

Technical Support: We put a strong emphasis on providing individual technical guidance and support. Need help with the integration of the API (Application Programming Interface) into your system? Want to retarget clickers? Our technical staff is always there to provide immediate backup. Perhaps you may wish to reformat the opt-in data from your website. No task is too complex for our analysts.

Convincing Results: With our efficient one-on-one support, your SMS communications will produce better conversions, generate leads, and thus drive more business your way. Your SMS strategy has been tailormade to your business’s very needs. It is time-sensitive and flexible. You will never be paying for features you don’t need. Compared to other platforms, our prices are competitive and affordable. And once your business has grown, there is always room to upgrade your package.

So why not build a direct, trustful relationship with your customers now? Get the engagement rate you have always dreamt of without the need to drown your clients in texts. With the help of our intelligent SMS marketing solutions, you will not necessarily communicate more, but you will communicate smarter.

Powerful Partners: We are connected to the big leaders for SMS delivery and work with some of the biggest global operators in the market. Take a look! (Logos of partners)