Generate leads and drive sales with intelligent SMS Marketing

Are you looking to generate leads and drive sales for your business? Look no further than SMS Astral text marketing. It is an instant and easy way to reach out to your client base with a nearly 100 % guarantee that recipients will open, read and react to your message.

With its high engagement rates, global reach, and personal touch, SMS marketing through Astral SMS marketing company is a powerful business text messaging tool promoting your products and services. At SMS Astral, we provide the tools and support to help businesses succeed with SMS marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is also called text message or mobile marketing. The popularity of this easy and straightforward text messaging service for business has hugely risen during the worldwide Covid pandemic making it an effective marketing strategy to communicate with your customers.

Texting customers is the fastest method on the market to communicate relevant information, such as business news, text reminders for appointments, announce specific sales, or new promotions. The digital marketing strategy uses highly personalized bulk messaging.

You can employ SMS marketing to thank customers for making a purchase, send reminders for a meeting, or get your customers excited about an outlet opening. You can send notifications and even questionnaires to evaluate products and services.

How to do SMS Marketing?

It starts with a database of your customers’ names, mobile phone numbers, and any additional information you have gathered from them. This information can include their geographic location, gender, interests, habits, hobbies – anything that can help personalize the sales process. The more segmented your database is, the more successful your campaigns will be.

Once you have your customer data, your clients will receive your texts on their mobile devices directly and in real time. However, it’s important to ensure that all recipients must opt in to your messaging campaigns before you start reaching out via SMS.

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Why is SMS marketing so efficient?

It is quick

Text message marketing enables you to reach and retain your audience instantly. Smartphones are today’s marketplace. Meet your customers where they are now – on their phones.

High engagement is ensured

Text messages have a higher open rate than emails – up to 95 % of smartphone users open their SMS within minutes.

Because of its speed, SMS mass text marketing has the highest engagement rates out of all digital marketing strategies. It merely takes 90 seconds to respond to a text notification, compared to the average of 90 minutes it takes a customer to react to a call-to-action sent by email.

Global reach

SMS marketing works worldwide. It helps you reap fast benefits and create a continuous stream of revenues from a global audience. Mobile marketing has proven particularly efficient when it comes to product launches, customer service inquiries, urgent orders, shipment confirmations, or seasonal sales.

Enhance your customer’s loyalty

SMS marketing isn’t just efficient, it is also personal. According to statistics, 90 % of the world’s population have owned a mobile phone in 2022. Research shows that users have their phones within immediate reach for 20 hours every day and are constantly checking on any SMS notifications they receive. This means that businesses are more likely to get a response from their customers when using SMS marketing.

Receiving and responding to text messages is an intimate and personal experience. It is usually reserved to reach out to family and friends, and customers are generally more inclined to react to a personal message than to a social media ad or email. This personal touch can increase customer loyalty.

Additionally, text messages are more immediate and urgent than emails. Because they are typically shorter and to the point, text messages can be read and responded to quickly, making them ideal for time-sensitive information. And because text messages are delivered directly to a person’s mobile device, they are more likely to be seen and acted upon in a timely manner.

Increase your brand awareness.

With our sophisticated SMS marketing tools, you can capitalize on personalized campaigns using conversational SMS marketing and keep your target group engaged with your company and brand. Your campaigns can be customized and adapted to all your requirements.

Our tools help you develop a structured and efficient marketing strategy and monitor real-time ROI. You can leverage campaigns by offering special deals and exclusive access to specific offers. This way, you turn your text message channel into an exclusive club for your customers and ensure that your company gains popularity faster.

Eco-friendly and affordable

SMS marketing is environmental-friendly and affordable. Whether you are just starting a small enterprise or running a big company, texting allows businesses of all sizes to reach out to their clientele without investing in more hardware, labor, printing brochures and flyers, or buying costly media ads.

What we offer

Our SMS marketing service tools ensure that you always stay on top of your performance. In your activity log, you monitor all your campaigns at a glance and track deliverability and engagement rates in real time.

Our quintessential filters and API (Application Programming Interface) protocols for text messaging also allow businesses to easily program their messages to be sent at the right time to all qualified leads. This ensures that customers receive timely and relevant texts that are more likely to be acted upon. And with our tools, businesses can effortlessly create crisp and engaging messages that are tailored to their target audience.

Our API for text messaging allows to send and receive text messages through a mobile phone carrier’s network and can be used for sending automated alerts or appointment reminders, integrating text messaging functionality into a larger software application, or building custom text messaging tools.

SMS Astral text marketing is not just an automated platform but a personalized service. You choose your customized plan that includes only the features you need for your immediate campaigns without having to pay for what you do not need. On top, we offer 24-hour technical assistance and guidance through every step of the process.

Since we have teamed up with the leading providers on the market, we can ensure that all legal and technical requirements are met without further delay before you get started.