Clever Marketing with Promotional SMS texts


Are you a local business owner or an affiliate looking for quick and effective ways to reach your target audience? If so, consider using promotional SMS marketing as your strategy.  SMS messages are cost-effective, have a high open rate, and can be a powerful tool for engaging with your audience and promoting your brand while taking advantage of seasonal holidays.

But how do you use promotional text examples effectively? Here are some tips and discount messages examples to help you get the most out of your promotional SMS campaigns.

SMS Marketing Strategies

Before you start, organize your subscriber lists and know your target groups. To send relevant SMS messages, segment your audience based on their interests, behavior, or demographics. Addressing your clients by name can help tailor your discount messages to customers’ examples and increase their likelihood of engaging with your brand.

Every promotional SMS message you send should have a clear and compelling call to action. Whether it’s a limited-time offer, a promotional SMS blast sample, or a link to a new product, make sure your message motivates customers to take action.

Send SMS messages at the right time to maximize their impact. For example, send a message promoting a weekend sale on Friday afternoon, when people are likely planning their weekend activities.

Automated chats are a powerful tool that saves time and effort while providing seamless, personalized customer engagement. Our platform lets you set up automated chat flows that respond to your customers’ messages with personalized, relevant content. Whether you’re looking to provide customer support, drive sales, or simply improve engagement, our automated chats make it easy to create engaging, interactive experiences that your customers will love. And because our platform is fully integrated with SMS messaging, you can reach your customers wherever they are, whenever they need you.

At SMS Astral, we understand the importance of giving your customers control over the messages they receive, so we offer clear and customizable opt-out options for your holiday text messaging campaigns. Whether you want to provide a simple “STOP” reply or a more personalized opt-out process, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our platform fully complies with industry regulations, so you can rest assured that your business operates legally and ethically.

What are good promotional SMS text ideas to boost online holiday sales?

Promotional SMS marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching potential customers and generating leads for your business. However, to truly maximize the impact of your SMS marketing campaigns, you need to market smarter. Become an expert in how to write promotional marketing text messages with our list of examples.

Use SMS messages to your subscribers to offer exclusive promotions, such as discounts or early access to new products. It is a sound strategy that will help to build loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Here is how you compose a marketing promotional text messages example:

“As a valued subscriber, you’re eligible for exclusive promotions! Get 15% off your next purchase by using code SUB15 at checkout. Keep an eye out for future offers and discounts just for you. Not subscribed yet? Text SUBSCRIBE to [insert shortcode here] to join our community and get access to exclusive deals.”

This text message acknowledges the value of subscribers and rewards them with an exclusive discount offer. It includes a clear call-to-action to encourage using the promotional code at checkout. It also invites non-subscribers to join the community and access future exclusive offers, creating a sense of immediacy and encouraging them to sign up. You will likely generate interest and encourage participation by emphasizing the value of being a subscriber and the exclusive benefits they receive.

You can also send SMS messages to invite your audience to specific events, such as product launches, pop-up shops, or webinars. This way, you generate excitement and increase attendance.

An SMS text example for a product launch in a local shop could be:

“Get ready for something big! Join us for the launch of our newest [insert product name] on [insert date and time] at [insert location]. Be the first to try it out and enjoy your exclusive launch discount. RSVP by texting LAUNCH to [insert shortcode here]. We can’t wait to see you there!”

This way, you create excitement for the upcoming event. The promotional SMS example includes all the necessary details, including the product name, launch date, time, location, and RSVP instructions. The message also emphasizes the exclusive discounts and the opportunity to be among the first to try the product, which creates a sense of urgency and encourages people to go to your shop. This message generates interest and encourages participation by creating a sense of exclusivity and emphasizing the value of attending personally.

You can also use SMS messages to gather feedback from your audience with surveys or polls. This can help you better understand your customers’ needs and preferences and tailor your offers accordingly.

A promotional text example for a customer poll could be:

“We value your opinion! Help us improve our service by completing a quick survey. It will only take 5 minutes, and you could win a $50 gift card! Click the link to get started: [insert survey link]. Thank you for your feedback!”

This SMS text example emphasizes the value of the customer’s opinion and encourages them to participate in the survey. It also creates an incentive by offering the chance to win a gift card. Remember to keep your survey or poll brief, specific, and focused on areas where you want to improve or gather information.

Use SMS messages to run contests or giveaways, such as a chance to win a free product or service. This can increase engagement and build buzz around your brand.

Here is a typical text message example for a giveaway announcement:

“Get a chance to win a free [insert prize here]! Enter our giveaway contest by texting GIVEAWAY to [insert shortcode here]. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on [insert date]. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, and join now!”

This message is concise and clear, with a strong call-to-action to encourage the recipient to enter the giveaway contest. It includes the necessary details, such as the keyword to text, the shortcode to use for entry, and the date when the winner will be announced. It also highlights the prize, creating excitement and motivating people to join.

Use SMS messages to send news and updates about your business, such as product releases or service changes. This will keep your audience informed and engaged with your brand.

A general promotional text message example to your SMS subscribers would be:

“Stay in the know! Get the latest news and updates on [insert shop name] by texting SHOP to [insert shortcode here]. We’ll keep you up-to-date on new arrivals, sales, and special events. Don’t miss out on the best deals in town.”

This message emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the shop’s news and updates, such as new arrivals, sales, and special events. It also includes a clear call-to-action, encouraging recipients to opt-in by texting SHOP to the shortcode provided. By emphasizing the value and exclusivity of the information shared, you can also increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand..

Send SMS messages announcing flash sales with limited-time discounts. This can create a sense of immediacy and encourage your customers to act quickly.

Take a look at this discount messages example:

“🎉FLASH SALE ALERT🎉 Don’t miss out on our 24-hour flash sale! Get up to 50% off all products, including new arrivals. Use code FLASH50 at checkout. Shop now: [insert website link]. Hurry, sale ends tomorrow at midnight!”

This promotional SMS blast sample grabs the recipient’s immediate attention using emojis and bold text. It highlights the key details of the flash sale, including the discount percentage, the time frame for sale, and the coupon code to use at checkout. It also includes a clear call-to-action to encourage the recipient to shop now and a sense of urgency by emphasizing the limited time left before the sale ends. This promotional SMS message engages your customers by accentuating the value of the sale and rendering the message visually appealing.

Holiday Marketing Ideas

The holiday seasons, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, are exciting times for consumers and businesses. There are countless ways to participate in the holiday spirit, from gift-giving to festive decorations. SMS marketing during major holidays presents a unique opportunity for your business to connect with customers, promote your products or services, and drive sales. A targeted SMS marketing campaign will help you make the most of the holiday season and connect with your customers meaningfully.

Offer exclusive discounts to your audience who has opted in to receive text messages from your business.

Sending SMS messages with a countdown to holiday sales can create anticipation and excitement among your audience and encourage your clients to take action before time runs out.

Send personalized holiday greetings via SMS to your customers. This way, you create a personal connection and show them that you value their business.

Send SMS messages with holiday gift guides that highlight your products or services. Help your customers find the perfect gift for their loved ones and increase your sales.

Engage your audience with holiday-themed trivia contests via SMS. Offer prizes or discounts to the winners, and encourage them to share their success on social media.

Encourage customers to follow you on social media and participate in holiday-themed promotions. Use SMS messages to send reminders and updates about these promotions.

When designing your unique promotional SMS campaign, prioritize building a solid relationship with your customers first, and provide value in your messages. Don’t settle for a provider that doesn’t prioritize your customers’ preferences. Choose SMS Astral, and experience the benefits of tailored promotional holiday SMS today!

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